Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-15 18:56:10 (UTC)


umm havent written in a few days but not much has happened
until last night.. I found out what the musical is and
decided that Im prob not going to do it b/c I'll have
practice a lot in march-- which is when my exchange student
will be here.. oh welll.. theres always next year.. but
that was like Tues or something and I forgot to write about
it.. haha.. oh and that same day I went to see the play
Oliver! on Syracuse Stage.. it was awesome!!! It was my fav
of all the ones I've seen so far(Wit, Elenor: Her Secret
Journey, Peter Pan ,
Romeo and Juliet, and a Streetcar Named Desire..
annnyways.. it was a really good show! :) umm.. yesterday
after school Kate was a doll and brought me around Oneida
to do crap w/ her to get me out of the house-- how great
that was! :) I came home in such a good mood.. then around
6 Emm and Carrie came over and we all went to the mall..
that was fun.. I bought a few more xmas presents and I only
have Emmily and Paulette left.. yay! Came home around 10
and grandma was GONE! all her stuff was gone-- SHE MOVED
BACK HOME!! my mom almost cried b/c she felt so bad for
being so happy-- then there's me-- I didnt feel bad at
all.. I was HAPPY!! I love grams but my goodness.. then I
got on and Bob had unblocked me! how great! :) we talked
for like 20 mins then I went to bed.. woke up around noon
and have been going through my clothes since.. hmm.. thats