Luke's Poetic Interview
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2001-12-15 18:31:35 (UTC)

The difference between me and them

When I wake up in the middle of the night,
And I decide to leave in the morning,
I know it then.
When I go into the woods and I look up,
And I see the bottoms of the tops of trees,
And I think to myself,
Damn, what a forest,
And I take off my shoes
And try to walk quietly,
Like the hunters used to do
Before they had rifles with scopes and lasers,
I know it then.
When I'm driving down the road at dusk,
And watch people turn their headlights on,
I think about each one,
Turning his headlights on,
Turning her headlights on,
Just so they can see the road
In front of them,
I know it then.
When I glance at my watch
And I watch the seconds tick,
I get this feeling,
Like I'm watching something I'm not supposed to;
My life's rhythm is being thrown off
By this crazy concept of time,
And my eyes are starting to burn,
I know it then.
When I look into your eyes,
And I see that fire,
That most intense of all desires,
And I see that you have no idea
How to get anywhere close to whatever it is
You want,
More than ever,
I know it then .

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