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2001-12-15 18:15:37 (UTC)

that bitch is so fucked up! hehe...

well i just got off from work and i dont know what the fuck
is wrong with that down ass bitch! well... this is how it
all began...

im so happy that my my boyfriend, querubin has a shift for
friday while i am there! but the thing is.. my """frien"""
hell but that aint how a friend is treated... keeps on
flirting with ma mann!! putang ina nya!! there all happy n
shit and i dont want to butt in but damn that is too much!!
shell be laughing and snorting like a pig!! a hog
actualy!!! hehehe *snort* hehe damn shes so lame!! i feel
like shuving her stuppid pimple coated face on ma shit!!
what a flirter! she knows that querubin is my boyfriend and
i did so many sacrifices to be with him... now shes hurtin
ma fuking feelings flirting!! shit on her!! as much as i
want to be nice... i cant coz i cant stand her face

putang ina nya!! ida na!! ida na!! ang pangit pangit ng
pagmumukha nya!! tandaan.. pangalan nya ay algrace! ok???
mukha syang katulong..

anyways.. them getting along with each other is nice coz at
least i know that their master-maid relation shit is

i love him so much that i dont want neone else to get him
away from me.. but telling the truth.. di talaga sya ang
mahal ko.... chu better believe me! but its tru! i feel
him... but i cant stand seeing him flirting with other
girls right in front of me! it hurts me too much.. id want
to cry but i aint gonna do that shit! just for him! and for
that down lame ass bitch!! hell ill tell the world her
darkest secrets or better yet tell her mom that she lost
her virginity with a 25 year old man that she barely
knows!! now their not seeing each other.. when she told me
that.. i wanted to say.. "yan bagay mo ang landi mo kasi!"
but i didnt want to hurt her feelings.. if she has any..
all i know what she feels is vagina skippin beats when ever
she sees a guy passing by! damn that is so freaking bitchy!

a ghetto bitch! mann if she fucks around with me the more
ill be fucking around with her! man what is her fukin
problem??? cant she find her own guy???

the worst thing bout it is that when i talk to querubin is
that he aint all that sweet and affectionate.. he aint the
guy i want...

i got a better idea! theres this guy jeffry... algrace's
longest crush... and may i say. the one shes dying for...
well... i got ma own moves.. and to tell the truth.. i like
him too... we go out once in a while.. and of course.. we
kiss.... no one knows about it and i dont want anybody to
know... you know when a kiss means something now right???
were just probably playing around.. but were serious with
it.. i got a man.. hes still waiting for the right one to
come along... we go together.. and he is that bitches
weakest link... once ma boyfriend goes home to the
philippines... ill be doing ma moves!! making her die of
jelousy! hehe... this is so cool!!! no one isnt going to
beieve this!! yeah!!! well ill jess write back l8r!!!!


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