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2001-12-15 18:05:32 (UTC)

Had fun on the date

Brian was really good looking and nice. I was running a few
minutes late to dinner and when I got there, he wasn't
there yet. We were both given the wrong directions, but we
had to turn around and we found it, when he walked in I was
sitting down waiting and here comes this really tall,
really big guy with blond flowing hair and a long black
leather jacket and black leather boots. I was like, woah!
He has a presence about him, he looks like between a
wrestler in the WWF and a Viking God! He's really handsome
I think, which is surprising because I don't tend to care
for the blondies but it worked for him. The beard was
trimmed nice and the mustache was waxed but wasn't weird
looking. He took his jacket off and he had on this really
cool fisherman's wool sweater, one you can't find here, he
got it in Estonia and he also had on this ancient Thor's
Hammer Necklace. He's into old stuff which is really cool.
And I like his smile. I thought he was very attractive.

We had a nice dinner, we had no lack of conversation
really, he likes my hair, I felt like he liked me, I kept
catching him looking at me.

After dinner we went to another place so we could sit down
and talk. We had a few drinks and talked until after
midnight. He made some comment about he thought he might
not get to see me until after the new year because I'm
going out of town, but with a question mark at the end. I
told him that yes i would be busy but it was up to him if
we saw eachother. I guess I'm always afraid at the end that
they just say SOMETHING, not sure he really does want to
see me again. We'll see what happens. If he calls or what
my cousin hears from her coworker!

So when I got home, there is a message from Terry, not sure
when he called but I felt a little bad. Woke up with a
headache this a.m., he called at 10 a.m and called my cell,
then he called an hour later and I was asleep trying to get
rid of the headache but answered, i told him i had a
headache and I'd call him.

My guy friend Byron asked me to a Christmas party tonight
with a bunch of dr's and nurses and medical people. He's a
paramedic. He doesn't have anyone to go with. I told him
I'd love to but wanted to see if Terry would be home. He
totally understood.

I should get busy with the day.

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