Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-15 17:51:37 (UTC)


I tell you what my dad came in and made me get out of bed
this morning but I just wanted to stay under my covers and
sleep cause when I sleep im ok and then when I wake up
realtiy sets in and wow is it harsh! Im hopefully gonna
get out of here soon or later and maybe get a haircut and
go shopping or something to get my mind off of things i
dunno im trying to run but its not working nothing like
gettting the boot from someone u loved with all of your
heart and to find the love was never as strong u cant
change a person and I guess I was trying to change him
sighs I swear I give up. I had and interesting talk with
ryan last night about things and he made me feel better I
guess I will miss him and his sarcasim in an odd way lol
well all i know right now is im moving i miss geoff life
sucks murphy i swear poor britt sighs and the fact of im
never playing mash again yos i played that the other day
and i could put down about 20 names for a husband and ryan
would be the one to always come up and then hawaii for
stuff which he loves it there and his grandparents live
there and then the car would always be white and a ford
escort zx2 sport which would be dead up the car he drives
it was really freaky damn fate leave me alone im not gonna
marry him no way no feelings for him no no no no is all i
can say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i gotta jet