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2001-12-15 17:35:50 (UTC)

mommy made me homemade donuts...

mommy made me homemade donuts.
mommy rocks.
mommy is attempting to fix the stupid cells phones again
stupid people are stupid.
i work this afternoon.
my emily is still far away.
i had a good time last night though..
i went to a christmas party for work, after work.
they were all drunk.
even the owners.
head shops are interesting places to work.
most definetly.
after the party.
and finding this same same lake everywhere.
i went to jennifers.
after i managed to find it..
i got really fucking lost.
and it was late. and i had a just a little to drink.
and i thought it was funny.
funny when i was lost alone in the ghetto.
but anyway..
yes. i went to see her.
and it was good.
she seemed a little stand offish at first.
and i dont know why.
i asked her why
and she told me she was tired..
i think theres more to it than that.
but shes always been a very secretive person.
even with me.
less with me of course..
but anyway
so shes getting back together with her old boyfriend
the one who is 14 years older than she is.
and a drug dealer.
just an all around.
great guy.
he does treat her well.
and if he makes her happy.
thats all i can ask for.
if he does anything to hurt her.
i will kill him.
a lot.
cell phone people suck.
yes. they do.
mommy is yelling a lot right now at them.
go mommy.
shes so cute.
i love her so much.
im going to take a nap.
or a shower.
or both.
before i leave for work.