Life according to Luvie..
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2001-12-15 17:03:49 (UTC)

The World According to....Luvie!!!

Dear Diary,
I decided to give this a try because my friend Michell told
me to. And since she's like my best friend I took her word
on it. She has a diary on here. I don't know what the link
is. Sometimes there is such a thing as too close.

Well I am going to talk about my messed up life at the
moment so please take notice if you want to:
Ramon and me were talking last night and it was so great.
Then we started talking bout how his gf Jan thought he had
done something with me at the parade. I was like so mad and
I told him so. So then I decided to tell him what happened
in September throught October with her and Eduard. And he
freaked. He was like are you serious? I was like why would
I lie? I love her but I love you more, I said. And it's
true. I ain't out to ruin anyone just tell the truth. Some
people can't handle it though. So he told me he was going
to call Jan and he wanted me to call him in an hour. But
when I did his line was still busy.

So I started talking to Charlie. He's a great guy! We were
having a great talk. I told him what happened with Eduard.
I was like, "I didn't do anything wrong because I told the
truth." And he agreed with me. So lalalala...we are cool
talking when my line beeps. I looked at the clock and it
was ten minutes shy of one. I thought to myself, maybe it's

But the voice I didn't recognize one bit. He knew me
though. Then I asked who the hell it was and he goes,
Eduard. I was like oh shit. Me and Eduard used to be real
close until he screwed me. That sort of ended the
friendship we had been developing. But he started hassling
me. He was like you have loose lips. I remembered what
Princess had always said. Deny deny deny! And I did.
Luckily, he believed me. I told him that everyone knew. So
he told me that Ramon had also asked for Princess's number.
I was like well give it to him. But he said he didn't know
it because he didn't talk to band people. We hung up, him
satisfied and my heart pacing.

I talked back with Charlie and he was all cool about it. He
told me to calm down. I guess you should know that Charlie
is best friends/almost brothers with Eduard. They are real
close since like they were in middle school. Now they're
both seniors. And me the lowly sophomore. Anywho, I love
Charlie. I know I do. I remember awhile back I used to
think I loved Eduard, but I know I loved him. He is the one
who didn't love me. Charlie is way different. I love him
and he loves me too. But sometimes I get mixed signals coz
we joke a lot.

Day by day, he'll tell me stuff that makes me suspect he
loves me as much as I love him. He finally told me that I
heart you for him really means I love you. So uh that was
different. He tells me I am gorgeous, beautiful, cute,
nice, sweet, and he calls me mi amor, babe, and mi vida.
It's cute, but I'm scared. I don't like relationships. I
was in a really long one with Nate. But he fucked me over.

Today is like my one year anniversary since I was raped. I
bet you didn't know that. Don't feel sorry for me coz I
don't and I am the one it happened to! But I am a little
scared to go out now. IT's oooooo...K! Hmm...well I think
that is it for today!
Love always,

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