2001-12-15 15:04:08 (UTC)


It sounds as if two of my baby girls are having just an
awful time. . .I guess compared to them I'm doing okay.
I'll just try to be positive:) Friday was maybe the best
Christmas ever with you two!! I had a sweet ass time, you
two rock my world!!! Ashley did you get a chance to read
my card in your boredom, I'm sure it would alliveate it for
about 20 seconds, hehe:) Elizabeth, Jenny and Janet also
gave me some kick ass gifts, i love yum. . .Well needless
to say Ashley and Rachel dyed my hair on Friday and I came
home to some not so happy parents, hehe. It's like bright
red my mom told me she was going to make and pay for me to
go to the salon and get it fixed, opps, hehe. I don't care
though I'll just have them dye it a new pretty color:)
Let's see what did I do yesturday? Well I fell asleep on
the couch Thursday night so I just bounced right up Friday
and started my day! My dad and I went shopping in Howell
for a few things and then he took me to get my TB test in
Chelsea. I might add they did a much better job this time
than the last few times:) Ashley, you better watch out for
that when you come home. After that I came back home
anticipating a night of shopping with my brother and a
night with my friends. However plans fell through when my
parents said I couldn't drive in the bad weather that late
at night, silly thangs. So yeah I pretty much just sat
aroudn and napped and watching TV until a little later.
Then I talked to someone who made staying home way worth
it!! I even got to talk to him on the phone I was so super
excited! Not to mention the fact that I even told him "THE
TRUTH". I'm so super excited I might even get to see him
while i'm in E. Lansing tonight:) UHHHH. . I miss him:(
Okay that's it for now.

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