stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2001-12-15 14:43:56 (UTC)

new love new life.

well i never had that lunch with jayleb. it was going to be
today. instead when he got online we had an internet
conversation about it and he asked what happened. i lied at
first, saying nothing did. he asked again saying he heard
things from people who were at the party saying i was with
kyle all night. so, i finally fessed up, admitting that i
wasnt sure all that happened but that i ended up with him
in the morning. but i knew we didnt have sex. jayleb said
that he was completley heartbroken and that he wasnt sure
if he could talk to me again. so i told him i understood.

so now ive been drowning myself in music crying. but wait,
it gets worse. kyle came over. it was around 12. he asked
what happened because he saw me crying. i told him jayleb
wasnt going to talk to me again. kyle said it was ok and
kissed me. i kissed back. things led to another and we
ended up sleeping together. but let me tell you, it was the
best sex i ever had. jayleb just could not compare to kyle
at all. so im thinking about just hooking up with kyle. i
like kyle a lot but i love jayleb. but i almost think i can
live without jayleb. so im not sure.