Jennifer's Words
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2001-12-15 11:32:37 (UTC)

12.15.01 The First Entry

Well, here it goes again. I often start diaries in
similiar fashion. I have a bad habit of purchasing diaries
and not writing anything down. However I feel that the act
of physically writing down thoughts/comments can be very
beneficial. So, why did I decide on an online public
diary? Well, one of my new goals in life is to become a
writer of some sort. Preferably relating to my lifes
experiences. Therefore books of this nature will be a very
public window into my life. I figure I might as well start
getting used to people knowing my deepest thoughts, and
being completely exposed. Perhaps some will gain insight
into my psyche, and others get a kick out of my daily
mishaps. I imagine the first entries will be superficial,
as I will be getting used to this new media of journals. I
like the word journal better than diary. Journals are used
more as resources for further works than diaries. Well
enough of this for now.. I will add my old handwritten
entries as of last Thanksgiving in the extreme near
future. That was my most recent serious attempt at writing.