Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-04-05 07:41:51 (UTC)

Hey, Well I m eventually..


Well I'm eventually getting over my ex. I can't believe
it's taken so long really. But foolish old me has gone and
messed with peoples feelings in between. Snogged this guy
who I knew I wouldn't go out with, but now he tells me he
really REALLY likes me, but I just don't see him that way,
and that makes me feel bad that I've hurt him. Also my best
mate confessed he has a huge crush on me, which luckily
hasn't made things too awkward between us, but still puts
pressure on the friendship!!
Also all the school work and pressure of looking and
chossing Universitys is getting a bit much! Never mind,
I'll cope some how.
I went to look at UWE yesterday and it was GREAT!! I got to
sing on this guys track he was making, and he's guna send
me the cd which will rock! Me on cd! wow!! He was also a v.
sexy beast!
I've also been informed that a v. sexy beast in the year
above likes me, but I'm not sure if I believe it coz he is
Anyway, not long til I meet up with all my friends at
challaborough! I can't believe it was 6 months ago since I
last saw them all!! It's guna rock! We're guna party like
it's 1999!