once again
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2001-12-15 08:31:42 (UTC)

new things

They're here. Amica and Shawn got here Weds. morning and
things are new again. She wants to go back already and I
don't know what she's doing. She is a world of
trouble and has no way out. I wish I could help more but
Patricia is already letting her stay here. What more can I
do? She's out right now with some guy Rick that she just
met at the mall. I'm worried, 2:30 am and no nothing.
She's not answering her phone and I've been calling since
10:30. This isn't like her and I hope everything is going
okay and she's not killed or hurt somewhere. This is
different then Florida and you can't go out by yourself
with some guy in Chicago. Shawn is being great. My
brother might be able to get him a really great job. An
apprentice painting and going to school to be in the
union. I hope it works out but we won't know until
Friday. He has to still tell his mom where he is. I don't
know how she'll react but she knows this is what he wanted.
I'm so scared one day he'll leave but I'm trying so hard to
have him like things here. I hope this is all right. I
hope that we are doing things the right way. He's staying
at Keri's until he gets his own place. Hopefully soon. I
know he wants to be with me forever. He shows is more then
he ever imagined doing so before. I feel like this is a
whole new life, hopefully it's the right one.

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