Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-12-15 08:30:14 (UTC)

Sweet Nothings

Ah...and I promised I'd stop thinking about him. Really, I
just think it's funny. I got an email from J today, said my
note was "FUCKING
RUDE".....mmmmmhmmmmmmmm......okay.....ya, so I wrote him
back, telling him off & demanding an apology if he ever
expected to run into me without being kicked.
He's gone! :)

I worked late tonight, just chilling now drinking a beer &
doing whatever online......gotta work AGAIN tomorrow

Went out with KrW & some of her school friends last night,
we went to Philthy's then I crashed at her place. It was
fun, JeM was there with her new man and that was cool. I
didn't get too drunk, also cool :)

So, New Year's.....ya.....I guess I'll be single. This is
the first time in years I'll be single over the holidays.
Kinda depressing, but then again what's the point in
feeling sorry for myself?? There's NOTHING wrong with being
single!!!! Why can't I listen to my own advice, what I know
is true....and just be happy.