Nick's Journal
2001-12-15 08:05:08 (UTC)

The End.

So I'm done with what I've experienced. All 20 yrs of
it. And I can plainly say that I have learned a lot. I
know just enough (hopefully)to get my by and make me look
smart. I've discovered some basic motives and I've
realized some sorry aspects. Overall I'm doing alright so
I'm quite satisfied with myself. I've found those people
I respect and those that just feign respect. So yeah.

Most people are all poetic about some shit they see in the
street. Most people see a fucking toilet and start
spouting out poems. Well I'm so far above them, I saw a
toilet brush in Barringer Bathroom so I know that it's the
answer to my woes.

Thank god life is so simple. or else i'd be in trouble.
thank god.
i miss emily, and i'm reallly realizing why right now, but
then again it's why i respect her more than all others.
so here it is
~ RA