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2001-12-15 06:57:04 (UTC)

quote time for ash a lee

"Everyone often hates you.
If they don't hate you they like you for the wrong reasons.
If they don't like you for the wrong reasons they resent
They resent you because people like you for the wrong

"everybody needs an asshole.
if you didnt have an asshole.
you couldnt shit.
and constipation.
~david~waffle house discussions

"i managed to write you a 2 page letter without telling you
a single thing about me as a human being"
~shannon~i dunno. i just liked the way it sounded.

"long. ashley. long. hm. words like those dont go together.
there must be something. we're constantly on the edge of
insanity. we make each other that way. but we also give
each other this balance. catsup in the road. you do that
for me"

"...than comes lots of flowers for the cute lil' hippey
grrl! hehe. When I think of a flower for her, I think of
daisies or a sunflower..because it's bright like her
(glows) and makes you happy."
~brittany~aw. but...um. yeah.

"you said something beautiful to me once...everything you
is beautiful ashley."

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