Tamra's life
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2001-04-05 06:10:24 (UTC)

me again..its 11:02 and i still..

me again..its 11:02 and i still have tons and tons of
homework to do but im just taking a little break-a-roo...
speaking of homework, It is really stressing me out to the
bone! I have like, 3 projects to do and i dont even know
what to do on two of them and they are both for the same
damn class! ugh! im tired too...im just so happy this is
the last week before spring break..2 more days Tamra, you
can do it!
Im not mad at my dad anymore. I forgave him cause he
sounds truly sorry and i know that he would never do
anything to hurt me on purpouse soo ya
Adam came over today and we just hugged for like an hour.
it was nice :) He is the new manager at his stupid lameass
job at the "art loft" but thats really cool hes the manager
now cause he can get more money so he can move out and get
an apt. like he wants :-D! go baby! anyway, im going go do
some more stupid homework and study for my stupid math test
tomorrow...God, i cant wait for June 14 at 5 pm when i