Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-15 06:30:32 (UTC)

It hurts so bad ! I just wanna lay down and cry!

Hey everyone !
OMG ! you will never believe what Adam is trying to convice
me of !!!!!!!! He said that Kati omg i can't even get into
it cause I amso upset! *tears * Streaming down
cheeks* !!!!! Omg it hurts so bad! I really just want to
cry forever! Why would he try to break our friendship up
like that ! I can't believe this ! The pain is so
unbelievable! omg! I don't think I can ever believe him!
all that stuff about him loving me must have been lies,
because you don't hurt people you love!! Well love is
another word for regret! Isra hun I am totally feeling what
you are saying babe!! Well I have got to blaze !

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