2001-12-15 06:26:47 (UTC)

Omg today has to be the best..

Omg today has to be the best day ever! It started off
pretty iffy but towards the end it was the greatest ever!
For me anyways.

It all started when I had asked Greg if he wanted to see a
movie with me today (Friday) he said he would but he had a
wrestling match, I didn't know there was one on Friday, but
there was. So I asked him and he was walking around which
sort of makes me feel like I'm chasing after him and I
don't like that. I don't want to feel like a small child
following a older cooler kid. So he saw one of his friends,
it was a girl :(, walk over and he walked over to her, I
guess he had to talk to her about something. So I walked to
Global feeling very down.

During Global I wrote Greg a note asking about the movie
and I gave him my phone number to call me later. So I wrote
all this down and went looking for him at the end of the
hall where he usually hangs out. He wasn't there, so sadly
I trudged up to Bio. Bio was cool, very funny.

Bio ended and I walked down the hall looking around for the
blue hat he always wears, hehe. I found him talking to Tom
and walked over, a bit passed him, then turned around. I
poked his arm when Tom stopped talking and Greg looked at
him. I handed him the poor excuse for a note to Greg and he
took it and I walked away. That was it, I walked to my
locker, gathered my stuff and walked to my bus.

While listening to my cd player, I saw Lindsey outside a
bus. I walked out and over to her, I forget why. She told
me that Greg had left his stuff in her French class and she
had taken his agenda. So Lindsey is going to give it to me
after break and I'm going to give it to Greg. Hopefully.

So when I got home I got onto my buddy list and just talked
for like the longest time. I'm such a nerd. So when Jill
FINALLY came on I asked her if I should call Greg. It was
already 9 and he hadn't called. So, Jill said I should and
I did. No one was home. Discouraged, I told Travis about it
and he told me to try again. So I did (when I should have
been cleaning my room hehe) and as luck may have it he was
home! SCORE! His cousin or whoever answered gave the phone
to Greg. He seemed tired but he soon opened up and talked
and talked. It was so cool. We talked about tons of stuff.
Or maybe just a bit of stuff. He had to go soon. I'll try
to list how the conversation had gone as accurately as

1. I asked him why he didn't call, he said it was because
he usually got yelled at for calling people this late and
because of that he'd never call the house again.
(Believeable but sort of iffy)

2. He asked if i was going to his wrestling match tomorrow,
in which I replied with a maybe.

3. We talked about how many cousins he had. "I have twenty
cousins. We live in a cabin in the woods." Then it
was "Okay, I don't live in the woods or in a cabin... I
live in a shack. We all cram together." "Oh really?" "Yup."
Somehow it turned to him living in the ghetto like Tom lol.
Jokingly he called me a hick.

okay I'll finish this later, cause I can do that!