even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-12-15 06:17:24 (UTC)

consumed by you

so... toinight... joselin, sam and aum and i chilled... we
went to lake way to eat sandwiches and ice cream, and it
was fun.. its a good group, only toward the end it was sam
and joselin doing their thing, and aum and i talkng,..
which was good, aum is fun.. we talked about stuff..
candice, why boys dont; lke me, the furture, plans and
stuff, and now, grades, and why they sucks.. and it was
ok.. there was kind of alot of not tlaking, but i think
thats ok... cause the talkign we did was quality.. hehe...
also, today i kind of had a mini breakdown.. it was kind of
terrible... lunch today sucked, cause we all sat apart and
din't talk and i was really looking forward to us all
talking at lunch, but we didn't, and it kind of made me
sad.. and it made me, again, caus i havnt; for a while, it
made me feel liek mike hated me... i put alot on his
apporoval, and i mena, i kwno i ahve it, oso tis all in my
head, but.. it took a few hours to figure that out, that i
ahev alot of things goign on in my head that aren;t true in
rea life... so.. i'll get them worked out and things will
eb better.. but, after 3rd period, i came out and tlaked to
joselin about how i felt, and meece, and frieman were
there, and htey were all concerned ish, and frienma gae me
a hug, and that made me feel good, and meece was like,
ahh... are you ok/ and then later, he wa n the photp room,
and hes like, do you feel ebtter? and i was like, well..
and he iwas lke, i knwo somehtin that will amek you feel
ebtter so he showed me the thing he was wokrign on and it
did make me feel ebtter and hes like, i ahev a back up plan
just incase yothis doens;t work, and last time he had pulle
dout a harmonica and played it, and this itme he did too! n
i fle tbetter, so it was nice to knwo, that in a self
esteem crisis, that people that i thought didnt; really
care, do.. and mayeb they dont; REALLY care, but they care
a little, and that made me feel better bout myself.. so,
thast walys good... then, alex and kelyl and i talked fo r
liek, half an hour in the bathroom, abotu hwat a dick
kellys dad can be, and how hes trying to like, repress her,
and stuff, and its like, they have akll this shit goign on,
and htey push it on us, and hten wonder hwy we're fucked
up? they suck! we're fucked, cause they've fucked us! that
easy... but.. im super tired.... i neeeed my sleep... and i
feel good right this second...

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