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2001-12-15 05:31:17 (UTC)

Rotc day

Well..I got to miss skool..well not miss it..but i dint
hafta go to any of my classes bc of rotc..i knew there was
some advantages of that damn clas..haha..but i had fun in
our company won..and so did the 2nd platoon
in my company. we basically swept the competition! But
all that shit wore me out and i am dead tired. I should of
took a nap. BUt i wanted to go out tonite...which i
did...and it was fun!! I went and saw "not another teen
movie" pretty funny shit!! Cept now my friend is mad at
me bc i went with her gf(the girl i messed around wit when
we were drunk..but they werent together then). So i guess
she just dun trust me that much..i dun know how i would
feel bout it either..but i wouldnt not trust a friend that
made a mistake in the past. Oh well..maybe she will get
over it...hopefully. Ok i am shit nite


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