lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-12-15 05:14:08 (UTC)

and another thing!!

this is a lousy excuse for a journal. at least for a
journal of me. i seriously want you all to know that. not
like i'm bemoaning any of my life situations, but if this
journal was 100% honest and raw and the way I am, it would
be weird. you make fun of me for being poetic, but that's
how i am. read my other journal & you'll see that.

i guess i was just reading my entries and realizing that
they don't provide a full picture of who i am. they'll
tell you stupid things that have happened to me, things i
like & dislike, and what sort of mood i am in on a certain
day...but if you really want to know someone, a journal
like this won't do it. cuz there's no way i'd say
everything on my heart & in my mind.