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2001-12-15 04:38:08 (UTC)

BAY COLONY'S MAFIA (and pumpkins)

mwahahahaha. tonite was fun. like, really fun. hahaha.

it was me and nicole...we went to va beach to wrv and i was
gonna buy this rad keychain that was a FCS key too and when
i asked the guy how much it was (cuz it didnt have a price
or tag or anything) and he was like welp take it, its yours
now...WOOHOO....and then we went to hotline and all that
good stuff....then went around bay colony to see the 'mafia
house' cuz it just looks like it belongs to the sopranos
right and we went past it like 4 times and the roads around
it are super curvy and so we were speeding to about 90 and
it was such a rush hahaha kinda like a rollercoaster..while
mike kept yellin "slow down..what if theres some bitch in
the middle of the road?? so slow down... yea....and then
we kept driving down the road to this one like
river/creek/pond thing and we found PUMPKINS in the water!!
so we got a small one hahah and there was one that was like
766748478978 pounds haha..and while i was tryin to get it i
almost fell in the water..yea..

and then mike and ben called when we were at subway
sooooo...we drive back to norfolk and then met up with them
and BEGGED them to go to va beach to see it and so we all
went in nicoles car and ahhh it was great fun. hahaha.

but then around 1130ish i remembered adam and it occured to
me that he hadnt called me all day. hmm. thats strange. i
thin it can mean one of two things. which im not gonna
say. :/

but tonite was crazy. hah...

and im gonna go. bye bye.

[only in dreams]
*s t e f i*