Brittz Life
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2001-12-15 04:01:02 (UTC)

*Old* ~DAy ONe~


Today was a very bad day for me. I'm having a hard time
believing this is happening to me. I woke up today from
that annoying cop givin me food. THe food was gross but i
cant complain since it was the first real meal I've had in
a while. Then there was the drive to court. THose cops
pissed me off so much but fuck em. At least I got to spend
2 ours with BoY.WE didnt really get any privacy so i
couldnt tell him how i feel. Court sucked cause the fucker
remanded me. WEll right now im sittin in my "BED". See the
asshole put me in this group home. Bed time is 9:30 but im
still awake. Allz i can think about is BoY. Our plan
wouldve worked ouot if only we had done something
different. I miss him so much i dont know what im going to
do without him. I have no idea where he is. I dont know if
im ever gonna talk to him until he gets out. I'll wait 4
him no matter what. No i sorta know how he feels, being locked up and
all. Those fukkin cops took him away from me again. I loved just
being with him. What is he doing? What is he going through? Is he
going to leave to the states the first chnce he gets, leaving me
behind? Would he do that? He did mention that in the car ride to
court. Oh gawd i hope he's thinking of me b4 he makes any major
coices. They strip searched me here, it was very degrating. BoY means
everything to me. Well i guess Ill cry myself to sleep and hope this
is all a horrible dream. I will wake up in his arms.


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