Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-15 03:53:22 (UTC)

The sound of silence...

Ahhh... everyone is gone, so I'm home alone.
Bow chicka bow wow, bow chicka bow wow... LOL

I *was* going to go to a party tonight. My friend Andy
invited me. I knew since he worked with Krisi, that she'd
be there, so I was like "Sure!". YAY and stuff. ::girly
giggle:: I got there and she's all over some guy. ::sigh::
I just... left. I really couldn't handle that.
So now I'm home, in my jammies and watching Iron Chef. I
was just sitting outside for awhile thinking about stuff
and smoking. It's not all that cold, alittle damp though,
so it was pleasent. I was counting stars, but gave up after
I lost track around 94. By the time I finally came in, I
had to walk the dogs. Lol Both of my doggies are almost
*in* my lap (which is pretty painful, they're like 65
pounds and 80 pounds, LOL) since I got home, they're so
sweet. Gah... stuff sucks.

And earlier... a friend of mine is like "So and so really
likes yew" and I'm all like "Woah... YAY!" but dammit I
can't ask details. I hate doing that... I mean, they told
them and I don't wanna be that person that makes people
tell stuff other people told them. I hate that cause
someone always gets mad. ::sigh:: So now I'm just like
sitting here pondering and stuff.

::watching TV:: Why do they drool when someone cooks the
brain of some animal? Ew... weird stuff. Some of the stuff
those Iron Chefs make looks really good. I can never watch
this show without getting hungry. LOL The voiceovers make
me laugh though... funny stuff.

Oh! Any of yous guys want some cookies? My mommy makes
awesome cookies ::drools:: She's thinking of making a
business out of them, so I'm helping her out some. Since
she's hoping to be shipping them too, ANYone who wants
some, ASK! We're testing different shipping methods and
stuff. There is a small questionare though. ::grins:: OK,
it's mostly just like "Do you like these? Would you pay
$XX.XX for these? How did they arrive? Were they fresh?
yadda yadda yadda" Mostly shipping stuff. ::nod::

OK... I'm done for now. I'm too damn bummed to write more
without getting all depressing. ::small smile::


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