The UnEven Eye
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2001-12-15 02:52:35 (UTC)

Downward Spiral

Bleh? Dumb world..

How is it only.. I can accomplish brief moments of stableness
and fuck.. its over..

Why? DO I screw things up so greatly..I pay for it in the price
of friends.. Who I lie to.. and keep a happy face for? Wasted
when they don't wish to live?

All I can say is Fuck you.. and die.. I dun care? I dun if you
don't want to live its your buissness I come to value life
even it be a little.. Some more I require in the humans.

Human?I'm told I'm a cold, and not caring person with ice in there
eyes from forzen tears.. I say live my life.. and see how you
turn out..

Like most people..Who don't know what a single good thought is.
In the end when it comes to it.. all you can say is die..
and fuck you.

Its really fuck yourslef.. and screw you once.. and twice in the
ass.. thats what people do.. Our own denial leaves us ingornace
of the people we love.. Why do you care.

So Until.. You learn screw me twice.. I won't be here to keep
you company.. when you need it.. I would rather see your body
screened among the ashes of death of the unknown