Jena's Rants
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2001-12-15 02:48:07 (UTC)

Oh my goodness gracious, I think I am becoming a softee.

I was reading some of my old entries and despite the fact
that they are very humorous, I think that the language
needs to be a bit toned down, and perhaps the drug
references as well. Oh geez, do I sound like a mom or
what. Oh well, I suppose I could just delete the buggers,
but that would be like lying to myself and I would really
love to keep track of my progression. Hey I realized one
of my dreams from an earlier entry. I am on a mountain, I
can start my cult now! It will all be based on the
Kabbalah, but I don't know if a full blown cult is the
precise definition of my lil shindig. The tax exemption is
a definite though. Oh heck yeah, I'm not trying to pay
Uncle Sam any unnecessary moolah. I am ever so happy that
I will be seeing my Hoppy tomorrow. I am missing him so.
Tonight he is out with Mr. Rampant Philosophies and all the
guys from ORACLE (ohh killer dude, rock on!). That is so
funny if you say it like Keanue Reeves when he went through
his Bill and Ted phase. Oh, so funny - I can't stop
laughing. Anyhoo, I'm outtie. I had a great workout this
morning, my therapy was great, and I am worn out with oh so
much to look forward to tomorrow. Ciao!