2001-12-15 02:19:56 (UTC)

MoNmOn: The Movie

My goodness.. Do you know how many stress and problems
there are, going on in my life? If you could only guess.. I
was so many problems and so many climaxes in my days, my
life could me a movie. Then you'd watch Hollywood TV or
whatever like that and watch Ebert say how sucky the movie
was.. It's a movie; and it sucks.

Yep, that's MY life..

Ugh, you wanna know how many times I was on the verge of
death? No, it's not a life threatening situation, like
being held hostage by some crazy loony guy, I mean suicide.

Yes, suicide. Do you want to know how many times, how many
TIMES, I was right there! Right there, and the verge of a
blade, of an edge of a glass filled with some toxic stuff
you're not supposed to drink.

OK, diary, I think I'm going over board.. I'm stretching
the truth, here, because my life isn't that dramatic.

Ooh, I went to Misha's site and Ooh.. she be diss'n me! "I
told this someone to look behind her.. but she was like 'i
don't care.." Look, it seemed as if I were a snobby "Boob-
itches"!! Man oh man! Because I'm not (well, not always)..

Well.. today sucked, if you wanted to know.. suck suck

MoNmOn (The Sucker)

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