Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-12-15 02:00:31 (UTC)

Why are the answers to my problems hard to find?

Okay, so I ripped another band off. They wont notice.
*Thanks Good Charlotte ;)*

I fixed a pair of pants because I am no longer allowed to
take naps. I put some blue and yellow plaid fabric in
them. :-D Im nearly done.

Mom got mad cuz she passed out on the couch and she didnt
get any food. Welcome to my world. You snooze you loose.

Kevin was nice to me today. I was scared. Well, not
really, it was kinda cool. But he did frighten me a bit.
After cadet challange and I put my real clothes back on i
was putting all my bracelets and junk on. *Some of them,
usually i leave about 40% on* Hes like, take your
bracelets off, i never see you with them off. I started
to, then hesitated. I said you see them every wednesday.
He said it doesnt count because its in uniform. So I did.
It was strange because he was watching every move i made,
so it seemed. Then hes like, the necklaces too, and I
looked at him like he was totally insane, which he was.
Why would he ask me to do that? Thats crazy. Then he made
fun of my bracelet tan. Lol. It was intresting.

But i had fun in the weight room. I walked around and
stuff, and it was cool, and I did some bench pressing and
got to feel special, which was cool, and first sergeant
benched like, 225 and i was like, gee golly, that would
hurt like nuttin else! My arms were starting to get a lil
weird at 70, but that was after i did 50, then 60 then 70.
So my arms were getting nutzy, and they were goin strange
on the third rep. Lmao. I am so shutting up.

Kevin also weighed me. That was strange too. But i weigh
143. :-D Thats still purdy big for a girl, but im getting
to that point where I dont care, because I have matt, and I
know he doesnt care, so its all good to me.

Im debating putting the song screamer in here. Cuz its a
good song and its kinda relating to how I feel. I feel
like im running in circles, I keep praying and praying,
sometimes God is there, sometimes hes not, but im working
really hard at making it work.

I love matt.

And huggles.

And marie.