daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-12-15 01:25:07 (UTC)

Weekend Agenda

Went shopping in Huntington w/N today. Talked about how
shitty guys were while checking them out the entire time.
Found two perfect gifts for Mum, found perfect gifts for M,
having already bought J's gift yesterday when Mum and I
went to Ashland. What really angered me is that the
emaciated Hot Topic cashier didn't take the ink tag off of
my Goonies t-shirt; a fact that I didn't discover until I
was at home. When I get time I'll have to make the one and
a half hour drive there in order to be able to wear the
thing. This has happened to me already this year. I can't
wait for 2001 to finally be over.

Anyhoo, I haven't found Dad's gift yet, but I have one
more payday until Xmas. I have half of N's, L's, and
Steph's gifts-lotion from Vicky's Secretion. Mostly I buy
gifts for myself, heh. However, this holiday season
instead of "Bah, Humbug" I will attempt to put on a facade
of holiday cheer. As best as I can. Which will
incorporate an immense amount of effort, because I loathe
Xmas. Maybe this year I'll be happier because Dad won't be
here Xmas morning. I'll just have to wait 11 more days and
find out.

I open all weekend at the store, because L2's off. I
don't mind, though, because I think N2's working, or maybe
G. Either way, it should make for two amusing weekend
mornings. Sunday evening is our Shoes Xmas dinner/passing
party. It should be fun. I'm semi-looking forward to it.
I still don't know who drew my name. I hope they give me a
cool gift, though. I got N-dept. mgr. a really cute lotion
set from Vic's. I also went way over the limit. Oh,
well. One must pay the price for quality.

I'm stuffed from my southern chicken at the Roadhouse,
so I'll go for now and think about the cute waiters, heh.
My sex life consists of fantasizing about
sad. Yet so many people can't seem to believe that I'm a
virgin. SC wouldn't believe N when she told him. Hrm.
That's food for thought. I digress again. Until next time
I remain the one with sugar plums dancing in my stomach