life sucks
2001-12-15 00:57:40 (UTC)


why is it that people make such a fuss over christmas?I
don't like halloween and I don't like hristmas ether infact
i HATE is ok...I guess...I find the
whole fat man in a red suit putting presents under a tree
in your house for no reason kind of stupid...a few days ago
I came home from school and when I walked in the door every
thing was red and green,everywhere I looked there was
christmas stuff that my mom put up...what is the point of
putting up stupid decorations if she is NEVER home to see
them???she works as late as she can and when she is home
she goes in her room with her stupid boyfriend(who I HATE)
and doesen't come out.She is not evean going to be home on
christmas...If christmas is so great she should be home for

well I guess that is all for now

ps. you read you comment

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