a little piece of me
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2001-12-15 00:56:38 (UTC)

some things just aren't meant to be

the weirdest thing just happened. i'm not sure how i feel
about it, either. see, there was this girl that i met
freshman year. she lived on the same floor i did. she was
really quiet and hardly talked to anyone for a long time.
one day we just sort of clicked. we were a lot alike and
we became really good friends. we could have a whole
conversation without saying a word. it's scary actually,
but it's true. then at the end of the first semester of
junior year, she dropped out of school. she had been
considering dropping out for a long time (freshman year
actually). actually, she moved back home and went to a
school closer to her parents house. she promised to keep
in touch, but the day she left was the last day i heard
from her. i guess i hadn't tried very hard to keep in
touch with her, either.

anyway, today, out of the blue, i remembered her aim screen
name, so i added it to my buddy list. it just so happens
that she came on right as i added her. i im'd her, not
really figuring she would answer me since i haven't had aim
very long so she wouldn't recognize my name. anyway, she
did answer back. we talked for less than 30 seconds, then
she said she had to go. that was 10 minutes ago and she's
still here (although we're not talking). this seems
strange to me, considering how close we used to be. kinda
hurtful, but then again it's been a year since i've talked
to her. i'm just not sure what to make of it. i know
people change. hell, i've changed a lot since then, i'm
not she we would still be able to be friends. hmm. she
just seemed so cold, so unlike her. she said we'll talk
again sometime, but i know that meant that we won't. i
guess i knew when she left that that would be the end of
things, but she had meant so much to me when she was here i
didn't really want that to be true. gone but not
forgotten, i guess.

dark angel is about to start, so i'm outa here.