ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-14 23:48:24 (UTC)

' I HaD a friEnD onCe, he took soMe AcID...'

I CANT WAIT TILL TONIGHT!!!!!!! its gonna be
soooooo much fuckin fun! im going to get drunk off my ass
and high as i fucking can! now that Amber got that 20 from
her sis, were gonna have so much fucking mota!he he. im not
even a pothead, shit, i quit that stuff in 7th grade. but
now i dont care, i just wanna get so messed up. I keep
thinking that this is like a going-away party for Brittany
cuz she's leavin in a week. (sad) and also this is for all
the shit ive had to go through this 1st semester (which
isnt a lot, but thats my excuss). im gonna have to stay the
night at Paulina's house cuz i dont wanna come home all
drunk and high, and especially since Mel and her friends
are comming down from California to visit for the weekend.
This SUnday is when Whitney is celebtaten her b-day. We all
are probably just going to go and hang-out at Metrocenter
and maybe see a movie or somethin. the only people i know
of that are going are Kat, Amber, me and i think Eric. oh
man, i HOPE Eric goes. i wanna see that boy so bad,
especially since Whitney told me he got his libre pierced.
but he probably looks stupid with it, or super sexy. This
weekend is gonna kick ass!

La la la, so ya. we had this stupid
Holiday assembly today and it really sucked. i was sitten
with all the little thugs and stuff (laughs), i looked so
out of place! but i was with my friends, and they're cool.
Chris had to play with the band, and i swear he kept
looking at me while everything else was going on. i really
really dont understand that boy. ..........
ok, well i just talked to Rafaela and she said
her grandma died yesterday. shes really upset and now i
feel really bad! Rafaela may get on my nerves sometimes,
but she's really sensitive, and that really gets to me. so
now i feel soooo bad for her.... hopefully she'll get over
it soon. i told her to go listen to some music, that always
works at calming down people. well later.