Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
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2001-12-14 23:38:55 (UTC)

December 14, 2001: Sorry For The Delay &

Okay I know that I haven't updated for awhile but I do have
a good excuse. My computer has been all, well, funky, and
it wouldn't let me log on the internet or anything.

So anyways back to my life. Yesterday was our band's
christmas concert and I did pretty good. It was definately
not my best but oh well. Hey wait, I just remembered that I
didn't tell y'all that I'm 1st Chair Alto Sax. (In other
words I'm the best) It's really kewl but everyone's mad
that a freshman beat them. *sigh* It's tough being perfect,

Well, I think Kyle's mad at me or something. I think Erin
said something to him. ('Cause between you and me I know
she likes him and is jealous or something that he pays more
attention to me.) So I'm going to have to fix whatever she
did. Hopefully he'll be at the coffeeshop tonite. He
probabely will because our town's so small that everyone
does the same stuff. But speaking of tonite I better get
ready. G2G, JCya probabely Sunday??


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