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2001-12-14 23:05:00 (UTC)

What I've realized

I've come to realize that I have a tendency to say too much.
I don't have a bad life really. I'm a full-time student. I
work for IBM, and I have a fair number of friends, but when
I find a new person who I will never see again and is
willing to listen, I bombard them with every horror story
I've ever been forced through or blindly found myself
tangled in, so I have come up with this conclusion...I am
going to write my whole life story on a web page just like
this instead of shoving it down some poor random persons
I'm not sticking with this site though. I am going to
completely reapeat myself on a different site. Not that
there's anything wrong with this one.
What's so funny about this is that I live a very simple
life. I don't feel like I complicate matters as much as
other people in the world. I know that somewhere I must
create a few bumbs because things haven't always played out
exactly how I would prefer them, but in comparison, I think
I'm a pretty good person. I just have a taste for very
complicated people.
Oh, by the way, my name is Amber if anyone is reading this,
which I doubt, but in anycase...I am 20 years old and live
with my mother and sister (half the time. This is going to
have to wait until tomarrow. I have to go. Someone needs a
ride to his car. I don't even know this guys name, but I
work with him so it's not going to matter. Take care.