Squeeb's world
2001-12-14 22:28:29 (UTC)


Ok, I've had some embarassing moments in my life but I had
the doozer today I swear. I was walking down the hall with
my friend at school and from the hallway where stairs come
out (I wasn't paying attention- I was talking to her) this
guy walks out and I ran SMACK into him. Like my nose buried
in his chest. Yeah and as if that ain't bad enough as is-
when I look up I saw who it was- Matt H! Tiff would have
freaked! That boy has some amazing blue eyes I swear! And I
turned bright red cuz he's pretty built and smelled really
good so I mumbled sorry and took off with my friend and I
whispered "He's a Pete" And she's like "PETE?!" and said it
really loud and he looks around and I'm like OMIGOD! and we
took off. Then a little while later we were walking past the
computer testing area where he had gone into and I see Jimmy
Gagnon standing there and I'm like "There's another one" and
she goes really loud "Look at his hair!' cuz he has a bit of
a fro and so HE turns and looks at us and kinda giggles. I'm
like Oh man.. and I think my Matt was in front of him in the
line because I kinda recognized the butt- BLUSH. Yeah so
that's my embarassment.
Anyways there may not be any entries for a few weeks cuz
as of tomorrow I'm home for Christmas. Later all!

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