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2001-12-14 22:22:11 (UTC)

Now I've done it ...

Mood: Hopeless
Music: Silence
Time: 7:21 AM (12-15-01) Tokyo Standard Time

I've hurt someone today ... someone who I haven't know that
long, but someone who has grown very, very close to me.
When I see her, I see a lonely, lost little girl who just
wants someone to hold her, to protect her and tell her that
everything is going to be OK. I saw the real her today ...
and I think that scared her. I want to be that person for
her, but I already have someone I need to look after and
take care of ... I want to love her, but I don't want to
betray her or the person I'm already with. If she could
just find someone to love her, someone to help her forgive
herself, she'll make it and she'll be happy. God I want to
hold her hand and kiss away her tears.

I'm looking outside the windows and I can see the sun
rising. Its so beautiful, the sky is all orange and clouds
are purple ... its going to be another gray day ... and I'm
wiping some tears away, telling myself that she'll be OK,
that she'll come back to me.

What have I done?

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