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2001-12-14 21:51:14 (UTC)

The Birds! Ahhhh!!

So everyone has told me how much they hate the birds. The
birds are evil the birds, the birds are horrible!!! AVOID
THE BIRDS!! Well I was like whatever...they are birds...MY
THOUGHTS HAVE CHANGED!!!!! Those birds are possessed I
swear!!!! So Ya know the cemetary across from stockwell and
mojo? Well the birds hang out in the trees there...not just
like 3 or 15 or 20 or 50. There are like 2000 birds in those
damn trees! Well I was walking home last night...and I
noticed how many birds there really are...and I was almost
to Mojo..almost past the trees... and STUPIDLY I thought
"yay...I made it past the birds"...At that very moment every
single bird flew out of that tree and started swarming
around me...2000 birds all flying around!!! I FREAKED out
and started running...I could hear the poop plopping all
around me--it was a poop war zone!!!! So here I am RUNNING
down Observatory...and the stupid birds FOLLOWED me...I
thought I was past them and I stopped and looked up and
THERE THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!! SO i kept running...and I ran out
in front of a car...opps...but I had to get away!!!

So there is my encounter of the birds. I am now scared of
them!!! I even dreamt about them last night. They are
horrible horrible creatures..and I think they can read
minds...because as soon as I thought that they simutanously
flew out of the afraid!! be very afraid!!!!!!


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