Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-14 21:29:55 (UTC)


Flat shoes. flat chest, flat life.

Ok so. Nothing at ALL happened today.
Nothing. I went to school, I came home. Only the usual. My
sister had like...5 of her freaky friends around, which
pissed me off, but besides that it was normal.
Grant was being a complete perv though. I was walking
under my sisters room with my UNslutty corset and he was
looking down and was calling me a slut. I got SO pissed off
that I could have killed him.
OK and I FINALLY got around to chopping the sleeves off the
purple/black wedding dress, and it actually looks prety

Hmm...I have no one to talk to. Today was boring, and
tonight sucks. I have no TV, and the only thing I'm looking
forward to is "Making the video:Marilyn Manson" tomorrow,
and going to Leeds on Sunday.

Grr..I'll be baby sitting!! Unless Shaz comes, of course.
Ellie and her friends are coming, so we'll have to go to
the corn exchange for HOURS!!!
I hate the people there!!!!!

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