Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
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2001-12-14 20:30:13 (UTC)


well yesterday in Cosmetology, we did manicures. i made
such a mess :D i spilled the finger bowl water all over
myself LOL!
yea so i got that color i have been admiring for like the
beginning of the year :)

today i didnt have cosmetology so i sat in the side hall
for a long time.. then i went to photography with Robin and
Kelly. i put kent's head on a chickin :D and do0dLed a
bunch. fun fun.

so now i'm at home doing the usual.. HEY i wonder if my
curfew goes thru the weekends... its not like i have to
catch a bus.....

yea whatever. BYE!


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