My skitzoid Wife
2001-12-14 20:09:56 (UTC)

skitzoid 246 1/2

Well D is in the hospital again and doesnt look like she
will come home this weekend, I hope. The vacation from her
has been nice and I sure need a break. This last few months
D hasnt been doing well at all, in and out of the mental
instution like a revolving door. I think she would do
better in a controlled enviroment where she wouldnt be
asked to do much and to be among people like her self. I
dont think I can take care of her since Iam not at home
enough. She needs someone to watch her all the time now or
she will hurt her self or others due to the fact she would
leave the gas stove on etc. I feel like Iam the leading
authority on Skitzoid behavor since I have lived with it
for over 15 years.Ther seems to be no hope for her now.
There arent many days where she is lucid anymore and she is
getting worse all the time. Iam going out with Barb. tonight