a little piece of me
2001-12-14 19:55:33 (UTC)

bad start

last night, brett and i had a wee bit of an argument.
(actually, we've been arguing a lot lately...i hate that so
much) ok, it was a little worse than that. i wouldn't
talk to him for a few minutes! i know i was totally
overreacting, but it was the principle of the whole thing.
he had told someone (ok, it wasn't just someone, it was a
particular female someone that i'm not too fond of) some
things we had discussed that were supposed to be private.
embarassing things. i freaked out and wouldn't talk to him
for a little while. he couldn't understand why i was so
mad, but well, it's complicated and i'm not telling the
world the whole story. we argued on the computer for a
bit, then got on the phone to argue some more. we finally
got everything out in the open and worked things out. he
still sounded upset or whatever, and i hate when he's
upset. i just love him so much i want him to be happy all
the time. hell, we even got in an argument over me having
to be right sometimes (see, i generally cave just so i
don't have to argue with him...i would rather let him win
and end it than to go on and on and on). he says that when
i'm right, i have to accept it. lol, i've never heard
someone complain about that before. i'm really glad he can
admit he's wrong, but sheesh.

anyway, the evening progressed and it got much better :)
we started telling drunk stories and that got him pretty
happy (he's very sentimental, so i knew going back to his
fonder moments would cheer him up). then we had to start
talking about ex's again (i don't get that sometimes...he
asks me things about my ex's, and i don't know...i get too
jealous knowing about his, i don't know why he would want
to know about mine). that went on for a bit, shared a few
good/bad/ugly ex stories lol. he was finally back to his
happy goofy self. he's the best, really. i love him so
much. 2 weeks from today! yay!!

well, hmmm. i've got some stuff to do, so i think i'm
gonna go do it.