My Random Thoughts....
2001-12-14 19:26:47 (UTC)


I am having mixed feelings today... It is snowing!!!!! I
don't know if I am happy or not...I love when there's a new
snowfall and everything is beautiful and looks
like those winter wonderland pictures. But that lasts for
like a day. Then is gets all muddy and poopy. I do not like
that. This isn't even the pretty snow. Its the rainy snow.
Its just going to make everything cold and wet. Its not
going to stay. uughh. I am not a winter person. I don't like
crappy weather...I like sunshine. Even if it's 35 degrees
outside, sunshine can make a day so much better. But
Noooooooo it has to be 2pm looking like 6pm. It's also kind
of sad that I have to compare it to 6pm...6pm is evening
now. Days are so short! I like the days when it's light till
10pm...but on the other hand, Christmas isn't Christmas
without snow!!! It just puts me more in a christmas mood.
For some reason this year I am in a psycho happy christmas
mood!!! I am so excited for it. I watch all the Christmas
movies that are on, I love listening to christmas music...I
am kind of scaring myself. I've never really gotten into
christmas before...It's always just been another season..if
I had money! I would decorate!! but i I will pass
on that this year! hehe.

My body is on the weirdest schedule lately...Last night I
just did not feel like going to bed so I sat up until about
5:30am...Just sitting on the computer talking to some rando
and watching music videos. I finally forced myself to go to
sleep...but I just was not tired. Who knows... I am unique.

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