Dirty Fractyl
2001-12-14 18:57:49 (UTC)

The good, the bad, it's all just occurances on the way...

Yes, so I check my grades today to find out they are less
than satisfactory. So be it. This was the final straw in
making me decide that I will be switching to major in
something that I truly enjoy. Yes, I found biology
interesting, but if I were an English or Art major I would
be doing something that is more what I LOVE rather than
find interesting. So, I plan to stick it out one more term
at UCF and then transfer again because if I am switching
majors, I am basically starting from scratch anyway (minus
the first two years, A.A., which is done).

Sarah continues to be the brightness in my life. Receiving
letters from her, talking to her, it all makes my days that
much better. I really trust her. She is quite an amazing
girl. I was so fortunate to have found her, as random as
it was. And I pray I do not do anything stupid to mess it
up at all, as I am somewhat known for idiocy at times. I'm
doing my best, though, and she seems to be pretty happy
with everything. So, I can only take that as a good sign
of things to come :) It's just scratching the surface
right now; we know that.

My new job is quite easy. I am not sure how long I will
work there, though, because I am going to search for
something better after the first of the year and see if I
have any luck. For the time being, though, I am content to
just sit back and make the telemarketing calls. Besides, I
am not too bad at it, so I might make some decent money
since it is performance based.

Cada día, cada noche,
Mis sueños son de ti;
Cada instante,
Deseo oir tu voz,
Y si me dejas algun día,
Tu me importa pa siempre.