The Other Diary
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2001-12-14 18:51:11 (UTC)


Today didn't start well - There was no I can't believe its
not butter so i had nothing to put on my damn toast. All
the milk was gone and their was no friggin ginger ale. I
had to go in and out and in and out and you get the
picture from my car for shit i forgot the first time I
dragged my half asleep ass out in the cold. I got stuck
behind the biggest slowest most foul smelling truck
and could not lose the guy on the way to school. I
almost wrecked three cars trying to park my car - hey -
they jumped outta nowhere what was I gonna do be
paying attention or something-

I was under the impression I had a retarded ass quiz
on binomial distributions today and Iquite frankly I didn't
know how the fuck to do that shit - So me being the
math enthusiast that I am actually came to my math
teacher with questions from the homework - Cuz i
actually did the damn homework for once. Little to my
surprise the dolt was NOT there. And his moron of a
teacher aid make a weak attempt at an apology for him
- like that would help me with the fucking quiz.
Surprisingly nothing terrible happened until 2nd block
where we were tortured for 30 minutes with the idea of
the quiz before my prat of a teacher decided it might be
better if we just watched the Grinch. The Grinch quite
possibly one of the best movies I will ever watch in
school and he plays with my emotions like a rag doll
before hand.
Why is it every math teacher I have is an Egotistical
Steelers fan who thinks its funny to make women jokes
and shoot squirrels off his porch. Whats all the about?
Why can't I get the nerdy pocket protector kinda math
teacher who 'gasp' - might actually teach me
something! I'm so ready to not be here anymore -

Well, it seems once again 10 CC are the only ones who
can save me.

Happy Birthday Nick J. Barta. I hope you got all you
wanted =)

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