Lil* Black Backpack
2001-12-14 18:32:12 (UTC)

music is my life....

Hello well i went to the INCUBUS concert in nov. and let me
tell u, if u ever have a fav. band the experience is unreal
when u see them perform. the whole time they were up there
i felt like no one else was around me and it was just me
and them. it felt like they were singing to me, its an
experience i will never for get.
I have been doing nothing but listen to music, write songs,
and im trying to learn how to play electric guitar. i know
i can learn, but the person who is going to teach me is my
friend fernando, and i feel a lil wierd with him teaching
me. i dunno, i have reasons but i'd rather not say what
they are. well for the most part we dated some what. but
lets not mention that. i dont want that to get out to much.
well music is my future, and it helps me get through
everything i need to. INCUBUS will always be my fav. band
no matter what, even if they ever die out, which im sure
they wont, but i will never stop loving them. they help me
through situations that they dont even know about. and i
guess thats the power of being a band, and me being their
#1 fan. i LOVE INCUBUS!!!!

-luv shelley