Nothing but drama....
2001-12-14 17:53:24 (UTC)

Feeling so much better......

IM happy to say that Im feeling a bit better
emotionally...maybe its the holidays coming up or maybe
that Damien and I have not been fighting lately. I even
have a sense of trust in him again. It feels so good too. I
guess I was just angry at him. I still cant believe he had
those pictures, but the thing that hurt me most is that he
called me "Gicel". How could that have even slipped out of
his mouth...and it was in bed, and then, out of his mouth
comes, I'm sorry I was dreaming....Shheeeesh! As if that
made things better. BROTHER!!! If I can help, I will never
see her again. I havent seen her in almost 3 months, and
thats fine by me...TRUST ME! Enough about that hooch!
I just want to say that Damien is a great guy, and I love
him. He is patient and understanding. We havent had sex in
awhile, its hard with the baby though. I feel so bad! How
do I make it up to him...

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