a poetic Heartº
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2001-12-14 16:46:01 (UTC)

If you happen to read this while im at lunch

Hey, Listen I don't like feeling this way, and I don't
like seeing you and you looking at me sadly, It's my heart,
and It's been broke before - I will get over it. I miss you
as a Friend. The feelings I have for you, will be there
always you should know that by now, I understand that your
with her, But You wasn't Wednesday night, and atleast you
let me know that I havent loved you all this time and you
never loved me. Your the bestest friend that Ive ever had in my life,
You actually listen to me. But Your in here now And I dont want you
to see me typing this so Im gonna go, Just remember what I said in
the letter i gave you this morning.
Ok I think Ive said this to you before but Im gonna be your friend no
matter what, I dont care how bad it hurts, I still believe that maybe
someday we might have our chance but until then...well you know.

If you happen to read this while im at lunch Please atleast
click on edit down here and type in here that u read it.