2001-12-14 16:22:26 (UTC)

i am pissed off. my christmas..

i am pissed off.

my christmas is all fucked up.
due to my sister.
every FUCKING christmas.
in all of my 18 fucking years.
we have had a breakfast brunch.
and then my sister leaves.
and i have the rest of the day to bullshit
and do whatever i want.
this is what i thought
would be occuring this christmas
you know
seeing as how
thats what happens EVERY fucking christmas.
and so i was happy.
happy becuase then i could go to emilys.
and spend the bulk of my christmas day with her.
but no.
i just found out
that EVEN THOUGH she wasnt fucking even HERE for
my sister has decided to come at like 5 or 6 at night
on christmas.
because she "wants to spend it with her mother"
um. yeah.
okay hun.
your mom was around all the other christmases as well.
you never cared then. you know.
but now...
now there is glen.
now there is the wonderful fucking great ass glen.
the thirty something year old
who doesnt have a job.
yes. and because of this fuckign asshole.
my christmas is all sorts of fucked up.

but you know.
fuck that.

im going to go about my plans.
as planned.
i just wont see her on christmas.
although i didnt even see her on thanksgiving.
but you know.
yeah, its not my problem.
her choice.
not mine.
and im not going to let anything mess up my happy christmas
not even my sister.

i just cant believe you know that some boy is coming
between her and this side of the family.
and then...
you know.
shes my sister.
were supposed to be cool no matter what.
but yeah yeah this guy is apparently more important to her
right now in her life.
than i am.
than we are.
we i could understand.
but not the me part.
thats just fucked up.
and im really hurt by it.

i need to call her.