B's Thoughts
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2001-12-14 14:39:20 (UTC)

ONe MorE DaY!!!!!

Ah yes, my first entry!! sweet only one more day until we
get our x-mas break!!!!!! Then 2 sweeeeet weeks off! ok
so it's my senior year and teachers ask 1 of two
questions. 1-are you enjoying your senior year? and
2-have you hit senioritis? well there is one simple
answer...NO! b/c one i have no clue where i'm going to
college and i haven't fallen into a slump yet(err knock
on wood). i think that i'll be flippin' out until may 15th
when it's the deadline for you to tell a college if you are
going to go there!!! ok i'm in gov't and we are fighting
about our economy and politics two of which i have no
clue what's going on in our world anyway and i dont feel
like adding my two sense in here!!!b/c nobody listens
anyway ppl are just trying to one up the person next to
them ok well im out ~*~