Sporty Tomboy

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2001-12-14 14:27:18 (UTC)

responsibility whats that responsibility not quite yet

"haha ok, it's funny that you didn't know it was your
wife...but...what's up with the talk of divorce and her
having a boyfriend? -devilish*angel" who sent that
feedback to me?? lol lol i was laughing pretty hard at that
i think they talking bout when we was talking to the
olympic diver, mark ruiz awhile ago. haha well first of all
i was the wife and he was the husband and yes i need to
divorce his usa booty... yes. poor guy who got no clue who
we are mary haha. well yes im done with that now. okay im
in study hall up here in the library with krystal i love
krystal shes the bestest! i feel so bad cuz she needs to
do her report all over again but its a awesome paper! shes one of my
gym whore chicas ;) hell yah we rule guys yes
well this teacher just told me i was skipping a class. oh
well. i was suppsoed to sign out okay well i never do that.
and last period i was with jami and we listened to her song
and some mxpx :) hehe it was fun and we talked bout alien
probing fingers and how scary they are cuz you can get
pregnant from the alien sticking a finger in your ear! its
scary! haha well i still feel bad and depressed but i guess
its okay i hope it will be cuz it would be nice. well la i
got gym today and i finally get to play again after a
month! wooohooo! that makes me so la happyness for the me
cuz i can do more stuff i love now. i hate doctors they
wouldnt let me do any fun stuff for a month. its over now
for good i hope it was torture for me. well hehe now it
sall good! theres a flag in the bottom of my screen ahhhh
yes and i gave chris a hug today cuz i promised. well he is
nice and likes my friend who gots a bf which makes me feel
bad. i hope he gets happy soon and non depressedlike. i
should be doing my us history paper cuz its due soon and is
gunna be like 8 pages but im not. ill do it the day its due
at like 2 in the morning cuz well thats what i do. haha
well sean i miss you you gotta come to school soon cuz its
not the same without my brother! :( where are you i look
for you in lunch everyday but you better get better woah
doubleness. okay well i bet this entrys really boring and
long so im gunna go now. byesies

Dru I love you soooo much and your stuff is gunna be there
this weekend :) i hope you like it

**Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeee